Physical Society of University of Peradeniya


The Physical Society of University of Peradeniya was established in 1969 with the commencement of BSc Physics Special Degree Programme. Now we have continued our activities for more than a half century. All the Peradeniya Physics Special Undergraduates and other students who had an interest in physics were members of the society.

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Physical Society of University of Peradeniya (PSUOP) is one of the oldest societies at the university. We are the society for physics students here at University of Peradeniya but anyone is welcome to join.

Our aim

  • To stimulate interest among students in scientific research with particular reference to physics.

  • To provide facilities for members for improving their understanding and knowledge of physics.

  • To coordinate and organize extra-curricular activities for students in the faculty.

  • To promote physics to advance the interest and welfare of the members of the society.

  • To establish relationships among past members, present members and the staff of the department.

What we've done

Physical Society of University of Peradeniya organized several guest lectures in the last few years. And the Science Camp for the year 2019 was a huge success.

Solar Cell Workshop

Science Camp 2019/20

Opening Ceremony of Advanced Materials Research Laboratory

Science Camp Closing Ceremony

Newly Appointed Committee for the year 2020

Outgoing Committee